The Elena Gaite Foundation was conceived with the purpose of promoting numerous initiatives, all with the common spirit of solidarity in raising funds for various social organizations, charities and good causes.

The Foundation’s primary objective includes assisting in events arranged by social organizations and charities, such as the Cudeca Foundation (Palliative Care), Debra (Butterfly Skin) and Avoi (Childhood Cancer) and to provide professional and financial support for their aid, palliative care and assistance projects for cancer patients and their families

The Foundation will use Elena Gaite as its emblematic image for the various initiatives it undertakes, and will reflect her character as a symbol of the fight against the disease, and the indomitable spirit she constantly displayed in the face of setbacks and adversity. It will also recognise Cudeca for their outstanding work in supporting Elena and her family during her final months.

Elena maintained her typical smile right until her final moments. The energy she radiated to all around her, including family and friends, will serve as the engine that drives and promotes the Foundation’s activities, and will help in achieving as much success as possible  in delivering her goals. Elena’s family gives its express consent for the use of her image as a symbol of the Foundation, of the products to be marketed to generate the funds that will realize her objectives. Elena’s image and spirit will underpin the various promotional and informative events run by the social organizations with which the Elena Gaite Foundation cooperates.

a. Mission:

The Foundation is committed to:

  • Collaborate with Cudeca in its objective of providing palliative care with high quality standards for patients within the province of Malaga who have been diagnosed with cancer and other diseases at advanced and terminal stages.
  • Collaborate with different social organizations and NGOs such as Debra Piel de Mariposa and Avoi. Also to cooperate with other specific good causes.
  • Promote various activities using the inspiration provided by Elena Gaite, to maximize the financial support for these entities.

b. Vision:

The Foundation was conceived with the commitment to:

  • Support other Foundations, NGOs and good causes.
  • Finance the training of specialists who can be reference points in the care of the infirmed, and provide psychological support for their closest relatives.
  • Disseminate information on the activities of social organizations and NGOs included in the objectives of the Foundation, and publicize its operations through various promotional activities, and spread the word of the invaluable work they do and the importance of strengthening their financial base.
  • Perpetuate the image of Elena Gaite as a symbol of courage in the fight against cancer, not only because of her fortitude when facing the disease, but also because of the generous spirit that she always transmitted and the way she positively impacted her environment.

c. Values.

  • Selflessness. The work of all the partners and associates of the Foundation will be totally selfless, with the sole objective of improving care for cancer patients and their families.
  • Transparency. It is a fundamental part of the Foundation to publicize the financial support obtained via its activities and provide complete transparency in their use.
  • Responsibility. Common responsibility of all those associated with the Foundation in achieving its mission and aims.
  • Commitment. Of all partners, patrons, collaborators and volunteers to achieve the objectives and goals of the Foundation.
  • Ethics. The memory of Elena Gaite commits us with the strongest ethical sense in fulfilling the mission of the Foundation.