The Elena Gaite Fundationwas created with the purpose of offering support to family members and patients of certain diseases, also helping NGOs that we collaborate with

The Elena Gaite Foundation was created with the purpose of promoting various solidarity actions in order to raise funds for different social organizations and NGOs, whose main purpose is to support relatives and patients with different diseases such as cancer or rare diseases.

Likewise, the Foundation has among its objectives the dissemination of the activities of said social organizations and NGOs, such as the Cudeca Foundation (Palliative Care), Debra Piel de Mariposa and Avoi (Childhood Cancer) and to obtain professional and economic support for their projects of help, palliative care and assistance to cancer patients and their families.

To achieve its objectives, the Foundation will use the figure of Elena Gaite as a visible image of the various actions that are carried out due to her character as a symbol of the fight against disease, of the good spirit she always had in the face of setbacks and in recognition of Cudeca for the work of supporting Elena and her family during her last months.

Elena kept the smile that characterized her until the last day of her existence and the energy that she transmitted to her environment, family and friends should serve as the engine and impulse to develop the activities of the Foundation and achieve the greatest possible success in achieving its goals.

Elena’s family gives their express consent for the use of her image as the symbol of the Foundation, of the products that can be marketed to obtain funds for the fulfillment of the purposes, and of the different events for the promotion and dissemination of the social organizations with which the Elena Gaite Foundation participates.


COLLABORATE: with Cudeca in its objective of providing palliative care with high quality standards for patients with cancer and other diseases in an advanced and terminal phase, residing in the province of Malaga.

COMMIT: with different social organizations and NGOs that are seen as worthy causes, and help with the improvement of the living conditions of patients and family members.


SUPPORT: patients with cancer and other illnesses in their different phases, as well as their families, with advice, accompaniment, palliative care, and support for families both during the process and in the months that follow.

FINANCE: the training of specialists who can be a reference in caring for patients as well as psychological support for their closest relatives.

DISSEMINATE: the activities of social organizations and NGOs included in the objectives of the Foundation and publicize its operation through various promotional activities, disseminate the invaluable work they do and the importance of strengthening their financial structures.

PERPETUATE: the image of Elena Gaite as a symbol of courage in the fight against cancer, not only for her courage in facing the disease, but also for the good spirit that she always transmitted and with which she spread to those around her.


DELIVERY: The work of all the members and collaborators of the Foundation will be totally altruistic and disinterested, with the sole objective of improving care for cancer patients, people with other diseases as well as their immediate families.

TRANSPARENCY: It is a fundamental part of the Foundation to publicize the resources obtained in its activities and the direct use of the same in the achievement of the purposes.

RESPONSIBILITY: Of all the participants of the Foundation for the achievement of the mission and the purposes.

COMMITMENT: Of all the members, patrons, collaborators and volunteers of the Foundation with its objectives and with the purposes pursued.

ETHICS: The figure of Elena Gaite commits us to behave with the strongest ethical sense in fulfilling the mission of the Foundation.

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