Why it is important?

A will is the opportunity to make your commitment to a cause last even when you are gone. With it, you manifest what is important to you, what you believe in and what you want to continue taking care of.

With your will, a part of you will always be here.

As a non-profit organization, our work largely depends on donations from our members and the income we receive from different events, charity shops, donations, etc.

Inheritances and legacies are also very important to our foundation: they allow our care to continue reaching everyone who needs it and, moreover, to do so free of charge.

For us, inheritances or legacies are tax free, since they are not subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax.


How to make a will?

Writing your will should not be a mere formality. Nor should you approach it with fear or trepidation. It is a transcendent act in your life that allows you to choose and translate your wishes into an official document. Leaving part of your heritage to a Foundation is done in the same way as you would for a loved one or family member. It is enough to specify it in your will.

Making the will is usually a simple procedure, which is highly recommended

to do before a notary.

The notary can charge between €50 and €80 for making a will.


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